Professional Training

Professional Training Services

RIS is proud to be affiliated with Learning Dynamics, an award-winning training company headquartered in Wallingford, CT, since 2010. Collaborative efforts have resulted in the improved efficiency, executive leadership development, and staff motivation of companies ranging in size from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Organizational Development Services

This service provides individuals with the skills necessary to help them to improve the group dynamics and organizational “culture” of their workplace. Topics covered include strategic planning, financial accounting, the art of successful project production, and other important company-focused initiatives. The constant changes that occur in today’s world of work will impact each division of the organization. Adapting to rapid change often causes dissention within employee ranks, which can ultimately lead to overall workplace disruption. RIS professionals work closely with both the organization’s leadership team as well as with departmental / staff members to improve the effectiveness of the organization by promoting a healthy, targeted plan aimed at long term success.
Program Highlights:

  • Organizational Assessment; Infrastructure Analysis and Development, Change Management Strategies; Strategic Planning (short and long term)
  • Meetings with leadership team and staff to establish realistic, achievable goals and timelines
  • Guiding the internal process of change management implementation in concert with organizational leaders
  • Implementing a follow up assessment plan to gauge success of OD plan(s) once implemented

This Program is Designed for:

  • Start-up companies: Entrepreneurial companies: Nonprofits and small to medium sized businesses experiences “growing pains”
  • Organizational in a rapid growth mode
  • Social Services and Faith- based organizations facing change
  • Organizations introducing new products or services

Faith Based Development Services

This program offers targeted, practical business and leadership skills to faith-based organizations striving to maintain a successful position in the community. A clear vision, mission, and financial health are the keys to success in an ecumenical environment. RIS works closely with faith-based leaders and their team to strengthen their position in the community and reach for – and attain – ambitious goals.
Program Highlights:

  • Multi-year strategic planning
  • Targeted Organizational Assessment
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Leadership Development and Training – Project Management and Effective Communications
  • Practical Marketing Plan and Volunteer Solicitation Plan to Reach Constituents and the Community

Executive Coaching

This program addresses the challenges today’s executive faces in expertly managing people while maintaining a profitable organization. One-on-one coaching sessions are designed to help the leader understand his/her personal management style and how others within the organization perceive that style. The program is designed to identify personality strengths and weaknesses while offering practical advice on how to motivate others to achieve optimum results and improve the organization’s bottom line. Role-playing, candid feedback, and setting goals are important components of this program.
Program Highlights:

  • Candid feedback, personal guidance, self-development and assessment plan
  • Strategies for improving underdeveloped areas of leadership
  • One-on-one assessment: Plan development for increased performance, improved leadership skills, improved communication, and goal projection

This Program is Designed for:

  • Talented leaders who want to improve their leadership and communication skills
  • Newly-appointed managerial staff whose success is paramount to the organization’s success
  • Executives who are approaching “burn-out”
  • Strategic thinkers who introduce new initiatives for their organization
  • Non-custodial parents who require neutral settings for visits
  • Parents involved in court –ordered custodial disputes

Mediation Services

RIS is dedicated to achieving positive results through effective mediation. Our goal is to empower people and organizations to resolve their differences without malice. RIS mediators are highly-skilled in the process, creating an environment of mutual respect and civility during difficult, complex proceedings. Information and options in the resolution dispute are offered in a straightforward, impartial setting, assuring that all opinions and issue options are analyzed and fully understood before final decisions are made.RIS provides a positive environment in which to conduct mediation proceedings along with a certified mediation professional to oversee conflict resolution. RIS Mediation offers a practical, affordable alternative to costly litigation or judicial hearings.
Program Highlights:

  • Create and improve relationships among people, organizations and communities
  • Help individuals resolve disputes without involving costly litigation proceedings
  • Mediation proceedings allow conflicted emotions/beliefs to be exchanged in a neutral atmosphere that encourages the resolution of complex issues without involving costly legal counsel advice

This Program is Designed for:

  • Conflicting parties with a serious dispute can benefit from the mediation process. In most cases, mediation is a viable alternative to costly litigation proceedings, although legal counsel may be consulted during mediation proceedings.
  • Civil: Private disputes; Personal Property damage/loss
  • Family: Divorce/Separation; Asset/Debt Division; Spousal/Child Support/Parenting
  • Corporate: Contract Disputes; Alternative Litigation Measures

Project Management Training

Project Management Training involves the instruction and application of skills and techniques required to successfully complete a workplace project. Since every project requires a specific set of skills in order to accomplish a workplace goal, this training program illustrates how to manage project tasks to optimize success and deliver what is required on time and on budget, achieving maximum results for the organization as well as for the project team. Effective time management, resource allocation, and proactive performance measurement will be addressed in an interactive forum.
Program Highlights:

  • Understanding key components to successful project management
  • Assess ability to manage projects in a timely manner
  • Create an implementation plan for new project
  • Learn conflict resolution techniques for project issues
  • Improve the effectiveness of project communication and project meetings

Targeted Population

  • Entry level managers
  • Project managers
  • Marketing and sales managers
  • Operations managers
  • Supervisors transitioning to new positions
  • Project consultants

Leadership Development Training

This program provides effective leadership and management practices that are applicable in a variety of important workplace situations. Principles that promote effective planning, collaborative communication, and team motivation make up the core curriculum of this training program. Leadership Development Training is designed to foster and perpetuate individual and organizational success by encouraging current and future leaders to reach their full potential. This interactive program will focus on effective communication, employee collaboration, positive relationship building, strategic planning and decision-making, effectively managing change, motivating high-performance teams, implementing innovative business and management practices, and building trust and commitment.
Program Highlights:

  • Individual assessment of past achievements in developing future leadership goals
  • One-on-one consultations with the leader followed by development of a blueprint targeting future organizational goals
  • Analysis of staff/team: discussion of easily implemented motivational techniques aimed at achieving optimum results
  • Bi-annual follow-up to assess progress made and to readjust goals in conjunction with changing goals

Targeted Population

  • Business Leaders identified as having executive potential
  • Enthusiastic Workplace Mentors who have exhibited leadership potential
  • Team Leaders who possess excellent motivational skills

Career Transitioning & Outplacement Training

This training program provides participants with the tools, technology and expertise to help plan and implement an effective restructuring strategy while managing the outplacement and career transition process. The program is designed to assist employees affected by restructuring in finding new and meaningful roles in a changing work environment while encouraging confidence and high productivity in the midst of change. Topics discussed include effectively sizing your workforce to meet the needs of your changing business, minimizing turnover, and maintaining productivity and positive attitudes in potentially stressful situations. The program provides career assessment and targeted training in job search techniques, effective resume and cover letter development, job search strategy planning, and effective interview preparation.

Program Highlights:

  • Positive, encouraging assessment of an individual’s career accomplishments and training, followed by the creation of an individual career blueprint developed for future success
  • Creation of a targeted cover letter and resume
  • Employee interview role-playing and critique
  • Effective job-search strategies/techniques in a high-tech work environment
  • Effective Networking

This Program is Designed for:

  • Workers in transition
  • Recent college/trade school graduates
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Mergers & Acquisition Leaders

Executive Search & Recruitment

RIS provides expert professional recruiters, staffing supervisors and coordinators offering our clients staffing solutions that target client staffing requirements. RIS offers highly-qualified contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent placement employees who have been pre-screened and thoroughly tested in their area of expertise, ensuring that every potential candidate has the ability to immediately impact the workplace in a positive way.

Program Highlights:

  • One-on-one consultations with Human Resources/Department Leaders to determine staff requirements, followed by a compilation of written job descriptions targeting organizational needs
  • Proactive, time-sensitive approach to providing highly skilled, pre-screened candidates for hiring consideration
  • Quarterly follow-up consultations with Human Resources / internal company leaders to gauge candidate’s progress, suitability to position requirements, and organizational “fit”

This Program is Designed for:

  • Human Resource Directors
  • Organizational Supervisory Staff
  • Senior-Level Executives