RIS is an 8a certified provider for the federal government offering the following core services; mental health services, family services, professional training, and IT staffing services. As a minority business enterprise (MBE), RIS is committed to providing quality service to federal agencies. As an 8a company, RIS can obtain business development assistance and build relationships with governmental agencies, which can be leveraged for additional business opportunity.


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RIS is an 8a certified provider for the federal government offering the following core services; mental health services, family services, professional training, and IT staffing services. As a minority business enterprise (MBE), RIS is committed to providing quality service to federal agencies. As an 8a company, RIS can obtain business development assistance and build relationships with governmental agencies, which can be leveraged for additional business opportunity.

Programs Offered

Comprehensive Job Readiness Training

This service enables individuals to develop a plan aimed at achieving economic self-sufficiency through targeted education, individual needs training, effective job search techniques, and job placement strategies. The Job Readiness Training Program is a comprehensive initiative that provides financial aid application assistance, core skills training, exposure to employers, and individually designed training in one of four career paths to individuals.
Program Highlights:

  • Individual consultation to identify future employment goals
  • Financial assessment and advanced education application assistance
  • Individual role-playing/critique of employer interview techniques
  • Tutorial in identifying targeted employment opportunities in sync with individual career goals

This Program is Designed for:

  • High school graduates pursuing a career in a trade: plumbing, carpentry, etc. who require skill training in their chosen field
  • College graduates pursuing their first position opportunity
  • Former military personnel who have recently returned to “civilian life” and are seeking employment

Project Management Training

Project Management Training involves the instruction and application of skills and techniques required to successfully complete a workplace project. Since every project requires a specific set of skills in order to accomplish a workplace goal, this training program illustrates how to manage project tasks to optimize success and deliver what is required on time and on budget, achieving maximum results for the organization as well as for the project team. Effective time management, resource allocation, and proactive performance measurement will be addressed in an interactive forum.
Program Highlights:

  • Understanding key components to successful project management
  • Assess ability to manage projects in a timely manner
  • Create an implementation plan for new project
  • Learn conflict resolution techniques for project issues
  • Improve the effectiveness of project communication and project meetings

This Program is Designed for:

  • Entry level managers
  • Project managers
  • Marketing and sales managers
  • Operations managers
  • Supervisors transitioning to new positions
  • Project consultants

Leadership Development Training

This program provides effective leadership and management practices that are applicable in a variety of important workplace situations. Principles that promote effective planning, collaborative communication, and team motivation make up the core curriculum of this training program. Leadership Development Training is designed to foster and perpetuate individual and organizational success by encouraging current and future leaders to reach their full potential. This interactive program will focus on effective communication, employee collaboration, positive relationship building, strategic planning and decision-making, effectively managing change, motivating high-performance teams, implementing innovative business and management practices, and building trust and commitment.
Program Highlights:

  • Individual assessment of past achievements in developing future leadership goals
  • One-on-one consultations with the leader followed by development of a blueprint targeting future organizational goals
  • Analysis of staff/team: discussion of easily implemented motivational techniques aimed at achieving optimum results
  • Bi-annual follow-up to assess progress made and to readjust goals in conjunction with changing goals

This Program is Designed for:

  • Business Leaders identified as having executive potential
  • Enthusiastic Workplace Mentors who have exhibited leadership potential
  • Team Leaders who possess excellent motivational skills

Career Transitioning & Outplacement Training

This training program provides participants with the tools, technology and expertise to help plan and implement an effective restructuring strategy while managing the outplacement and career transition process. The program is designed to assist employees affected by restructuring in finding new and meaningful roles in a changing work environment while encouraging confidence and high productivity in the midst of change. Topics discussed include effectively sizing your workforce to meet the needs of your changing business, minimizing turnover, and maintaining productivity and positive attitudes in potentially stressful situations. The program provides career assessment and targeted training in job search techniques, effective resume and cover letter development, job search strategy planning, and effective interview preparation.

Program Highlights:

  • Positive, encouraging assessment of an individual’s career accomplishments and training, followed by the creation of an individual career blueprint developed for future success
  • Creation of a targeted cover letter and resume
  • Employee interview role-playing and critique
  • Effective job-search strategies/techniques in a high-tech work environment
  • Effective Networking

This Program is Designed for:

  • Workers in transition
  • Recent college/trade school graduates
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Mergers & Acquisition Leaders

Organizational Development Services

This service provides individuals with the skills necessary to help them to improve the group dynamics and organizational “culture” of their workplace. Topics covered include strategic planning, financial accounting, the art of successful project production, and other important company-focused initiatives.
Program Highlights:

  • Individual analysis of client’s “workplace culture,” including company history, leadership, and longevity employees
  • Assessment of progressive strategic planning initiatives
  • Assessment of successful industry competitors, project analysis, and financial standing
  • Assessment of long term company goals, followed by development of a strategic plan aimed at goal achievement

This Program is Designed for:

  • Senior Management
  • Departmental Leaders
  • Human Resources Management

Military Family Support Services

This service is specifically designed to help families faced with the challenges associated with having a key family member serving in the military who find they need assistance with a particular problem or are simply in need of general support. Family members in need of these services can obtain them regardless of which military branch their loved one is serving in. The program offers instruction in successfully re-unifying spouses, parents, and children, while delicately addressing each unique re-unification situation. Topics addressed include how to help children to cope with the separation from or loss of a parent, how to keep marriages and parental relationships strong when faced with permanent disabilities, how to successfully support each other when faced with the stress of multiple deployments and lengthy separations, how to re-introduce absent military service men and women into family and community life, and coping with the ravages of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – understanding the condition and the causes and how to encourage those afflicted to seek the treatment that they need

Program Highlights:

  • Professional counseling available regarding financial management including budget preparation
  • Clinical support addressing separation and reunification issues
  • Assistance involving child abuse, child neglect, or spouse abuse.
  • Classes and groups geared toward preventing family problems
  • Confidential victim advocacy
  • Provide information on civilian and community resources

This Program is Designed for:

  • Military personnel deployed
  • Military personnel returning home
  • Family members of mobilized serviceperson
  • Families of active duty military personnel

Teen Violence Outreach Services

This program is designed to help young people develop positive life skills that will help them successfully avoid gang involvement and violent behavior. The goal of this tutorial is to teach young, impressionable men and women how to combat the high-risk factors associated with gang-related, potentially violent behaviors and is intended to be a deterrent from delinquency, youth violence, and gang membership for children and adolescents – those most vulnerable to the coercion of violent, delinquent behavior

Program Highlights:

  • Individual/Group interactive consultations to assess and address potentially damaging behavior as a result of gang influences
  • Development of an individual program identifying positive neighborhood influences/activities aimed at improving mental/physical outlooks
  • Community meetings to assess team needs and review program progress.

This Program is Designed for:

  • Children/Youth with a strong gang influence in their neighborhoods/personal lives
  • Children/Youth easily influenced by violent outbreaks in the home or at school
  • Children/Youth who lack a strong sense of security in the home

Clinical Assessment Service

This service conducts an in-depth assessment of individual mental health issues. The complete assessment process includes an initial in-person consultation as well as a written report including clinical diagnosis and recommendations.
Program Highlights:

  • 6 hours individual consultation and issues assessment: Personal assessment meetings designed to accommodate user schedules (Evenings/Weekends)
  • Assessment completion within 30 days: Follow-up meetings scheduled as needed
  • Multi-lingual, culturally-sensitive staff

This Program is Designed for:

  • Children and Adults
  • Court ordered or referred by state protective service agency

Substance Abuse Counseling

This program provides effective consultations and treatment services for individuals and families facing issues associated with alcohol and drug abuse. Individualized services include screening and evaluation assessment, individual and group counseling, and workshops designed to address specific critical issues.
Program Highlights:

  • Assessment of individuals with a substance abuse problem or in a crisis situation: family intervention services.
  • Development of a treatment plan, with goals and incremental steps directed at successful outcomes
  • Individual/family/group counseling
  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor Staff

This Program is Designed for:

  • Children/Adolescents/Youth exhibiting signs of substance abuse
  • Adults who have a history of substance abuse

Families affected by drug/alcohol/substance abuse

Domestic Violence Offenders Services

DV Brochure
This service includes offender’s assessment and DV offenders group. The assessment consists of a face to face interview(s) with the offender and may include collateral contacts with family members and community providers. This six hour service includes a written report with therapeutic recommendations.
Domestic Violence Offenders Group
This 24-week program is dedicated to de-emphasizing the self-centered goals an offender develops when s/he lashes out at their partner and children for short-term self-gratification and a feeling of “personal power.”
Offenders who want to change their abusive behavior need to accomplish four key initiatives:

  • They need to be willing to give up ultimate control in their relationships
  • They need to take total responsibility for their abusive behavior
  • They need to cooperate with their partner to resolve disagreements in a mutually respectful manner, and
  • They need to establish collaborative goals with their partner that reflects collective needs.

The Domestic Violence Offender Group addresses the four initiatives in a collaborative, positive setting that encourages sharing experiences that produce violent reactions in a family environment. RIS provides multi-lingual, male and female facilitators in 90-minute interactive, weekly sessions over 24 weeks.
Program Highlights:

  • Two-phase program: First Stage= 8 sessions: Second Stage = 16 Sessions
  • First Stage: Check In; “Telling My Story”; Education; Check Out
  • Second Stage: Check In; Individual Turns (Relationship History, Goal Setting); Education; Check Out
  • Male/Female/ Multi-lingual Facilitators

This Program is Designed for:
Individuals who recognize the consequences of their behavior as offenders and want to change

Counseling Services

This is a mental health service including individual, family, group and marriage therapy as well as clinical assessments. Our counseling services target children, youth, and adults using a strengths-based model. Our clinical team builds on the strengths and assets of the clients, working with them in developing insights and increasing adaptive behaviors. The strengths-based model of practice encourages us to search for positive attributes helping our clients identify and attend to their skills, abilities and resources. RIS believes everyone has natural resources that can be utilized. Our counseling services are goal oriented and involve a therapeutic relationship that is accepting, purposeful and empathetic.
Program Highlights:

  • Weekly clinical intervention consisting of one hour sessions
  • Client and RIS Clinician will develop and implement a treatment plan with objectives
  • Culturally competent/bilingual staff
  • User friendly hours (nights/weekends)
  • Services offered In Home and/or at the Office
  • Convenient locations

This Program is Designed for:

  • Self-referral by client
  • Referral by a school or community based agency
  • Referred by the court system or mandated state agency

Case Management Services

This 12-week program is designed for families who have difficulty managing their daily obligations as well as meeting their individual and family basic needs. Case workers work one-on-one with clients in offering support and practical resources that the client requires in order to successfully establish and achieve short and long-term goals, stabilize their lives, and re-enter society as healthy, well-adjusted individuals.
Program Highlights:

  • Utilizes a “family systems” approach to identify the strengths and challenges for the individual as well as the impact on family behavior
  • Establishes reasonable, measurable goals using a positive outcome driven system
  • Identifies and establishes support systems
  • In home service available
  • One-on-one interaction with clients five hours weekly for 12 weeks

This Program is Designed for:

  • Families needing intense support to become productive citizens in society
  • Teens transitioning to independent living
  • Young parents overwhelmed caring for children